Why Not Trim Trees Myself?


The first, and probably most important reason to call your local tree care specialists for your tree trimming is for the sake of safety. Climbing ladders, using chainsaws, and other tools can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Not only can you fall off of a ladder if it isn’t properly secured, but chainsaws that aren’t outfitted with the proper chains can kickback and cause serious injury and sometimes even death. Also, if you accidently wrongly estimate where a large branch may fall, you could find yourself with a bump on the head or worse.

Proper Tools

Like we discussed in our previous paragraph, having the proper tools is a must not only for your safety, but also for the tree’s wellbeing. Old tools that should be retired or dull blades can do unnecessary and sometimes irreparable damage. Also, buying the right tools can be incredibly costly; with the increased risk for injury and the cost of tools, it is ultimately more expensive to DIY your tree trimming than if you call a professional Savannah arborist.

Trained Eye

Lastly, when you ask a professional tree trimmer to work on your tree you will be get two services for the price of one. How, you ask? As the tree trimmer works on your tree, they will be able to spot any other issues your tree may be experiencing and so can possibly catch any other ailments before they cause substantial and irreparable damage.

Need Tree Trimming In Savannah?

Do you need tree trimming? Are you unsure if your tree is growing properly? Contact Southeastern Limb & Tree! We offer tree trimming services to residents in the Savannah area.