4 Tips For Fall Tree Care

Fall in low country is here. It’s time to enjoy the cooler temperatures and all the festivities and simple pleasures that fall brings. It’s easy to simply let your trees go through the fall season without much care and just enjoy their vibrant colors and perhaps a jump in their fallen leaves. However, there is also some prep for the coming seasons that should be done to properly care for your trees.


Due to the weather, cooler temperatures, and shorter days, trees during the winter will not receive as many nutrients as they have been used to during the spring and summer months. For this reason, it is best to apply a fertilizer that will supply nutrients to your tree all winter long. Having nutrients will help your trees be more resilient when dealing with possible disease, insects, and the stresses of winter. A slow-release fertilizer is the best choice when preparing your tree for the cooler temperatures of low country winter!


Making sure your trees receive sufficient water over the next several months is crucial and so being especially good about watering your trees during the fall is a must. Subsurface watering is a great way to make sure that water gets all the way down to hydrate the roots of the tree. Trees and shrubs that don’t receive their hydration from irrigation or similar means can greatly benefit from an injection probe which can get water down into the ground at least twelve inches below the surface.


Though fall is seemingly the time in which trees are preparing for dormancy, it is actually the best time to plant new trees. This thought probably seems counterintuitive, however, when you plant trees in fall, they do not have to attempt to weather the stresses of summer: scorch, drought, and high-temperatures. Winter gives new trees the chance to take root and further build a root mass that will do them well when the warmer weather of spring and summer come months later.

Prepare For Cold

Though the temperatures in southeast Georgia and South Carolina do not drop to bitingly cold temperatures as the rest of the country. It is still best to understand how best to prepare all your trees, shrubs, and plants for the cooler temperatures. Having your trees and shrubs pruned and cabled before winter comes can be a great way to make sure your trees are ready for whatever the following seasons bring and can eliminate unnecessary stressors.

Are You Ready For Winter?

Like we mentioned above, though winter in low country does not reach the lows that many parts of the country sees, it’s still best to make sure that your trees are ready for the coming months. To best prepare your trees, contact Southeastern Limb & Tree! We provide comprehensive tree service to our clients in the
Savannah, Ridgeland, Hardeeville, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, and surrounding areas. We can assist you in the care of your tree and can help you know when it is time to say goodbye to a dying or dead tree.